You May Not Be the Next Unicorn. Why You Should Remove the Noise And Focus on Profit

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In era where tech start-ups continue to raise astronomical amounts of funding on un-proven business plans, IPO with year on year loses the culture in Start Up land is to focus on raising capital “grab as much money as you can” and smash down the door to grow your customer base. Of course many of these companies do come good and have such large audiences that a small pivot could turn that audience into a revenue-generating client base.

But.. what if you’re not…

In a world with more offerings than ever before in the fitness industry, why is it that we see still the rise in physical in activity and obesity?

We’ve got Ai apps that give you workouts, and Bikes with flat screen TVs with classes when ever we want them.

What’s missing?

Well the answer could be the ‘when we want’ or what’s packaged nicely up as ‘On-demand’ being the problem. We’ve known for decades the importance of social connection and accountability when it comes to changing of behaviour and although we’ve managed to crack keeping users attention spam with algorithms on all your favourite social media platforms, why have we not solved the issue of health, fitness and wellbeing?

Well, of course there are many reasons why on personal levels…


John Foley, CEO Peloton.

John, my friend if you’re talking about large rooms with old equipment that people don’t know how to use, then yes I think you’re onto something. If you’re also talking about the fitness professionals that work there then — Hell No!

Many of the Remote Coach training community have expressed fear when looking at the horizon of fitness offerings that are coming out and being delivered to what they call ‘end users’, we of course call them clients.


You can read more on the report here.


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There seems to be a new wearable fitness band or tech coming out every week with what the company claim is more accurate data and algorithms on how you can track your sleep, daily calorie intake or see how many steps we are taking on a week to week basis.

The first question is do we really need wearable tech and if so how can we use it to personally make our lives healthier and assist us in our health and fitness goals.

A recent report published by markets and markets highlighted that the mHealth Solutions Market is growing and…

I talk a lot about the aspect of getting your head right and looking at setting achievable goals to stay consistent and stay on track.

I have a previous blog post of ‘5 reasons why you’re NOT keeping up with your fitness goals’ and in that blog I touched upon the reasons generally speaking why clients and gym-goers find it hard to stick to their goals.

Going into the summer now is a great time to step your game up and use the sunnier and warmer weather to start your days right and progress day by day to achieve the…

Adherence, adherence and more adherence is the first and foremost coaching point I touch upon with all my clients, and also the trainers who then join the No1 Team and work for the company. There is however another main point that always needs to be got across when trying to achieve any sort of healthy physical change. It sounds straight forward I know but the strategies, coaching methods and mindsets should always be around making sure you the client, get the personal training goal you’ve paid for.

Our motto at No1 Fitness is “Stop paying for gym memberships and start…

Looking on my Instagram you’ll notice I visited New York for my birthday. It was a fantastic few days away and thank you for all the birthday messages. As it was my birthday my wonderful girlfriend had decided to surprise me and plan pretty much some sort event every day of my trip, which of course is wonderful but, as a fitness fanatic I also had to think hmmm, when am I gonna get a quick workout in?

This leads me onto today’s work out blog in which I have focussed on HIIT and how I incorporate it into travels…

The first question anyone ever asks me when finding out I train and look after people’s health for a living is “but how do I get rid of this last little bit” pointing at the lower abdominal region, usually grabbing as much as possible.

The answer really is that that isn’t the last little bit. Your body fat generally all over your body needs to shift and decrease to then get as lean as possible in the areas that most people see as the areas of significance.

This leads me onto what I generally answer with and hopefully a tactic…

One thing is clear; the interest in “Personal Trainer Near Me” Is rising. According to TRENDS, searches for trainers keep growing at a steady rate. Another good reason for us fitness professionals to think we’re still at the beginning of the demand or at least a new engaged demand?

Kinesiology and exercise science has been the fastest-growing major for junior colleges and four-year colleges since 2010, according to a Chronicle of Higher Education analysis. All great knowledge basis to enter the world of online personal training.

Fitness plays a vital role in helping individuals spend a full and fun life…

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Currently, you will see a huge amount of software out there claiming to help make your online business easier. As I mentioned earlier how ever-moving online is like any business going to need planning, clear strategy and time dedicated by you to create an online client base.

The usual transitional thought for most trainers is to think of not doing any more early mornings or late nights of face to face and only writing programs in their spare time. …

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